A DATA security partner you can count on

Unity Metrix specialise in Information Security auditing, consultancy and systems monitoring.

Unity Metrix

Unity Metrix are a company formed of IT and security professionals who have been in the business a very long time. We live by the tenets of honesty, integrity and helpfulness and deliver services that align with those tenets.

Why you need Unity Metrix!

Well that question is normally asked by a CFO or MD looking at costs. In fact people often see our service as akin to insurance, but what is the cost of not doing something to secure your business?

  • 71% of UK companies were COMPROMISED AT LEAST ONCE IN 2015 [Bluecoat]
  • Cybercrime is projected to cost $2 trillion by 2019 [Forbes]
  • Cyber-attacks on average take between 30 and 70 days to contain [HP]
  • New laws could mean fines of 4% of annual turnover for compromised data [GDPR]

Free scan and demonstration

Contact us to find out more about the modern way to manage risk and to take advantage of a free scan and demonstration.

Unity Metrix Security Professional

A DATA security partner you can count on


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