Complying with the Data Protection Act (DPA 2018) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a given for anyone doing business in the UK, but often the nuances of the regulation are taken for granted, leaving a gaping hole in the compliance of an organisation. Gartner statistics show that although 47% of businesses have suffered a breach, it takes an average of 256 days for it to be detected and then it is almost always detected by a 3rd party. This growing problem is a good reason to ensure that, when your breach is detected, the 3rd party doesn’t want to sue you for non-compliance or the Information Commissioner fine you a substantial sum.

A compliance audit will prove your position on the day, and of course we offer this as a service, but more importantly to maintain compliance reviews should be conducted at regular intervals, and changes in any systems or operations should be scrutinised for corresponding compliance effects.


Registered Data Protection Officer

As part of our on-going GDPR compliance offering we can also act as the registered Data Protection Officer for your business, completely removing the GDPR compliance headache from your daily list of concerns.

  • GDPR Compliance Auditing
  • Procedural and technical consultancy
  • Documentation production and review
  • DPO Services
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