Stress-free GDPR compliance and Cyber Security
for small businesses

Training advice and consultancy services that enable you to secure your business systems and become GDPR compliant

  • Very small initial outlay
  • On-going compliance and security
  • Close the door to cyber threats

Cyber Security and GDPR Consultancy Program

We are pleased to announce this new program, designed to take the load off of you and ensure your company is both secure and compliant.

How it works?

The program runs in two or three distinct phases depending on your requirements:

  1. TRAINING: We run a one-day GDPR Crash Course that is designed to give you all the answers you’ve failed to get from the media, advertisements or various information sessions. This really is designed to give you the bare bones facts about what you actually, physically need to do in order to get your organisation GDPR compliant and won’t cost you a penny if you use us to manage it. The cost of the course is £300 for the day including lunch, but if you use us to do the hard work for you THE ENTIRE FEE IS REFUNDED, so this really is a free training session for any of our future clients.


  1. Whether or not you come to our training session the next part of the program is CRITICALEVEN IF YOU ARE MANAGING GDPR COMPLIANCE YOURSELF. We come along and perform an in-depth audit of your premises, staff and systems, looking at around 200 individual points of vulnerability in order to measure your security posture, produce a report and if required a cost/benefit analysis for each identified weakness. This is something that you are required to do in order to meet the GDPR regulation; if you don’t know your weaknesses you can’t profess to have protected your data against the associated risks.


  1. Armed with the relevant information we can begin to work with you in order to produce the required documentation, implement the recommended procedures and technical means and produce the relevant policies. This step alone is currently costing some small businesses many tens of thousands of pounds, but because we roll everything in together in one, simple, cost-effective package, the cost for this step is a minimal

VERY MINIMAL CAPITAL OUTLAY. We understand that for a small business even a few thousand pounds is a massive outlay, which is why we came up with the idea of giving you a helping hand by spreading the load over two years. Why?

  • The cost is a minimal operating expense rather than a large capital expense
  • You are as compliant on day 730 as you were on day 1
  • Your cyber security posture is maintained throughout the period
  • You have your very own Data Protection Officer on-tap
  • You can rest-assured that everything is in hand and concentrate on running your business

What does it cost?

You can expect to pay as little as £250 per month for a small company. That is FAR LESS THAN IT WOULD COST YOU TO DO IT YOURSELF, because we can do it far quicker and easier, after all, IT’S WHAT WE DO!

Other Services

Once we have produced the relevant documentation it is up to you to promulgate the information throughout the organisation, but of course we can do this for you in a series of training sessions as required for a small fee.