Metrix Pronunciation: /’mɛtrɪks/
NOUN (pluralmatrices /ˈmeɪtrɪsiːz/

The logical realm where in exists interrelation and inter-communication of otherwise disparate systems and bodies.

The Metrix was defined by Information Security company Unity Metrix and refers to a logical domain, be that real or virtual in nature, where multifarious communication methods serve to enable users and systems to intentionally or unintentionally interact and communicate. The metrix is not fixed in scope, but is dependent on a perimeter defined by the subject i.e. from the position of a computer the metrix could be seen to be simply the devices connected along the line to the network port, the mains power supply, wireless keyboard controllers etc. But from the position of a mobile phone connected to the same network the metrix would include the same devices (since it is also connected to the wireless network), but also the computer that it might be plugged into via USB, the carrier network and its subsequent connections, a Bluetooth headset and even the mains network if it happens to be charging. But communication can just as easily be audible and visual and therefore the metrix also covers direct or indirect human visibility, audio or any other method enabling the transference of information.

USE: The Metrix could be referred to as ‘The Local Metrix’ for instance in order to describe all communications possible within a specific physical constraint such as a building or rack, or ‘The Geophysical Metrix’ to describe similar connectivity based on location, but not necessarily bound or governed by any common administrative, physical or logical factors.

“There is a danger of data exfiltration by using power manipulation within the given metrix”

“The Metrix of the accounts office provides too many attack surfaces”

The company name Unity Metrix was spawned in reference to the unification of systems and controls that govern security within a defined metrix.