Unity Metrix – Experts in Cyber Security

Unity Metrix specialise in Information Security auditing, consultancy and systems monitoring. Information security is a critical component of any modern business.

The IT department is constantly in a state of vulnerability, unable to control many aspects of Information Security from their technical position, whilst the board, who are ultimately responsible, often incorrectly see Information Security as an IT function.

Our expertise extends into:

  • Business continuity & disaster recovery planning
  • Strategic systems analysis & planning
  • Security architecture and design
  • Support for IT departments

GDPR & Cyber Security Experts

We provide affordable expert consultancy, training and advice on matters of GDPR compliance and cyber security to small businesses and organisations.

In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations and soon to be the updated Data Protection Act 2018, organisations need to do more than just fill out a few forms. The new regulations are built around a central core of security and unfortunately most organisations don’t really know where there most significant attack surfaces lie or what their vulnerabilities are.

At Unity Metrix we help to de-mystify the regulation, assure your technical and organisational compliance and give you practical and truly useful help and advice.

The Unity Metrix Difference

  • Understandable Data Protection Advice
  • Useful Security Posture Analysis
  • Affordable Training
  • Defence Management

Our endeavour is to protect your business metrix Read More. Your business relies on systems that are interconnected with other systems and so on. All too often companies and individuals spend so much of their time concentrating their efforts in the protection of a single component, that they neglect to understand the bigger picture of interconnected systems and components.

Enterprise Guardian

The Unity Metrix Enterprise guardian system protects and supports businesses and IT departments in four major areas that are consistently managed poorly..

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Gateway Guardian – Monitoring and support for Enterprise Guardian
  • Firewalls
  • NIPS/NIDS (Network Intrusion Prevention & Detection Systems)
  • Regular penetration testing
Malware Guardian – Monitoring and support for
  • Anti-virus Products
  • HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention Systems)
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management) systems
Contingency Guardian – Monitoring and support for
  • Redundant systems
  • Disaster Recovery Systems (DRP)
  • Off-site backup media storage
Backup Guardian– Monitoring and support for
  • Data backup
  • Off-site backup

Stress-free GDPR compliance and Cyber Security for small businesses

Training advice and consultancy services that enable you to secure your business systems and become GDPR compliant

  • Very small initial outlay
  • On-going compliance and security
  • Close the door to cyber threats

Cyber Security and GDPR Consultancy Program

We are pleased to announce this new program, designed to take the load off of you and ensure your company is both secure and compliant.


Virus/Malware Protection

In today’s world of cyber-crime Viruses per-se are actually less of a worry than you might think. That said, of course every business needs protection and, what is more, most enterprise virus protection these days comes in the form of Host-based Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS).

We work with all the major vendors including ESET, Sophos, Trend Micro, McAfee and Fortigate.
Having a virus-guard is however completely useless if it is not configured and maintained correctly. As one of our Four Enterprise-Guardian components, we take the worry of IT departments and boardrooms alike by managing the installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring and support of these packages on your behalf.

About Us

The IT department are the constant focus for anything that goes wrong. Issues often caused by malicious activity are often unidentified and yet they affect virtually everyone. Network speeds suffer, but they are unaccounted for. Technicians are constantly asked to firefight and paper over cracks, but rarely is there a proper, top-down methodology in place to ensure that every department, including IT, is working together towards the same goals.

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Virus/Malware Protection

In today’s world of cyber-crime Viruses per-se are actually less of a worry than you might think. That said, of course every business needs protection and, what is more, most enterprise virus protection these days comes in the form..

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Network Access Control NAC

The greatest risks to network security usually stem from internal vulnerabilities. The age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has introduced a multitude of new attack surfaces for the average network

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Contingency Guardian

Every business should have a contingency plan in place in case disaster strikes. If a building burns down or the nearest power system blows up, no amount of backups are going to help you in the short term.

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  • The team came in to review our security and help with GDPR compliance. They identified so many things that we hadn’t even considered and left us fully compliant and safe.

    Maria Connolly
    Office Manager
  • They came in and assessed everything in fine detail. At the end of the audit we were left with no uncertainty about what risks we faced and what we should do about them. They were very friendly and helpful and produced a very professional result.

    Neil Gardener

How it works?

The program runs in two or three distinct phases depending on your requirements:

TRAINING: We run a one-day GDPR Crash Course that is designed to give you all the answers you’ve failed to get from the media, …
Whether or not you come to our training session the next part of the program is CRITICALEVEN IF YOU ARE MANAGING GDPR COMPLIANCE YOURSELF….
Armed with the relevant information we can begin to work with you in order to produce the required documentation, implement the recommended…