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We are specialists consultants in matters of cybersecurity, data protection, privacy and compliance. Our mission is to enable you to offload your security concerns and eliminate reliance on IT support to pro-actively manage and monitor security-related issues for which they are often ill-equipped to do.

Why Unity Metrix?

Based near the famous Bletchley Park, where the pioneering cryptanalyst Alan Turing famously broke the enigma code, and in doing so created what is largely believed to be the forerunner to the modern computer, our SOC (Security Operations Centre) monitors client systems in real-time in order to ensure that they are always one step ahead of the threat actors.

We can deliver end-to-end protection, starting with assessment of your physical security arrangements, through consultancy on policy-based governance including that related to the implementation of ISO27001, GDPR, DPA, PCI-DSS and Cyber-Essentials, and the implementation, management and maintenance of the technical security controls and services that encompass those standards.

We consult on matters of BCP (Business Continuity Planning) and DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning), creating plans that allowed some of our clients to quickly react to the Coronavirus threat, allowing staff to work from home in a structured, orderly and successful way.

We understand that in the current business climate nobody wants to waste time worrying about what the next security threat to their business will be and how to pre-empt it. You are in the business of creating profit, and like a security guard at the front door of the office, our aim is to be present, and to manage threats autonomously without you worrying about it.

Threats often emanate from the inside, which is why we also engage in network analytics, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), penetration testing and social engineering strategies, to eek out problems on the inside that could prove to be detrimental to the business if not discovered and mitigated in a timely fashion.

You no longer have to worry about the security of your business, we are here to do that for you!

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