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Learn how our Cyber Security Services have protected businesses from growing threats. This case study focuses on real-world applications of our complete security solutions.
Elevating SOP International's Cybersecurity Posture
Client Overview: SOP International, a rapidly growing and thriving business, recognized the critical importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding its operations against the increasing threat of security breaches. With a proactive approach, the CEO sought to fortify SOP’s defences to prevent becoming a victim of cyber-attacks that had impacted similar businesses in the industry. Challenges: The […]
Enhancing Global IT Infrastructure for Svenska Petroleum
Background Svenska Petroleum, an international oil and gas exploration company, faced significant challenges in managing their global IT infrastructure. With operations spread across Sweden, Norway, England, and Guinea Bissau, Svenska Petroleum struggled with high operational costs, security vulnerabilities, and inefficiencies in collaboration, particularly in managing large seismic data files. Objectives Unity Metrix worked with the […]
Chamberlyns Case Study: Demonstrating Leadership in Financial Planning through Cybersecurity Excellence
Overview: Chamberlyns, a Chartered and Accredited Financial Planning Firm, recognized for their success and commitment to client service, sought to further distinguish themselves in the competitive financial sector. Their objective was clear: to showcase a mature and responsible approach to securing client data and affirm their leadership through best practices in data security and governance. […]
Aura Media Case Study: Elevating Cybersecurity for Business Growth
Overview: Aura Media, a dynamic start-up poised at the forefront of the digital sector, recognized early on the critical role of data in securing profitability and growth. With a director knowledgeable in technical and GDPR aspects, Aura Media had initiated foundational security measures. However, the company faced the unique challenge of managing a remote workforce […]

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