Aura Media Case Study: Elevating Cybersecurity for Business Growth


Aura Media, a dynamic start-up poised at the forefront of the digital sector, recognized early on the critical role of data in securing profitability and growth. With a director knowledgeable in technical and GDPR aspects, Aura Media had initiated foundational security measures. However, the company faced the unique challenge of managing a remote workforce in India, necessitating a secure, scalable infrastructure to support its global ambitions. Seeking to enhance its security posture without overhauling its operational processes, Aura Media partnered with Unity Metrix, aiming to fortify its environment and demonstrate a steadfast commitment to protecting client data.


  • Establishing a secure and scalable environment for business growth.
  • Enhancing security within existing online services without major operational changes.
  • Demonstrating a responsible attitude towards client data security.

Solutions Implemented by Unity Metrix:

Unity Metrix identified that Aura Media’s existing services, including Office 365, did not require replacement but rather an enhancement of security measures and a comprehensive environment built around them. The solutions implemented included:

  • Integration of enhanced security provisions within existing online services.
  • Development of a secure environment fostering robust governance and security practices.
  • Device management for global equipment to ensure security without constraining data access methods.


  • Attainment of Cyber Essentials and IASME Cyber Assurance standards, demonstrating a high level of commitment to cybersecurity.
  • A secure and resilient environment that supports Aura Media’s growth without necessitating significant changes in their operational methods.
  • Improved management of infrastructure, especially for remote users in India, ensuring global adherence to security best practices.

Lessons Learned:

Unity Metrix’s engagement with Aura Media highlighted the effectiveness of enhancing security within the framework of existing services. This approach not only preserved the startup’s operational dynamics but also fortified their infrastructure against global threats. The project underscored the value of flexible, client-centric strategies and the importance of device management in securing data access across diverse geographies.


Aura Media’s journey with Unity Metrix exemplifies how strategic cybersecurity solutions can catalyse business growth, secure data, and support global operations without disrupting existing workflows. Achieving Cyber Essentials and IASME Cyber Assurance standards not only solidified Aura Media’s security posture but also positioned them as a responsible and trustworthy partner in the digital marketplace. Unity Metrix, leveraging its profound expertise in both cybersecurity and IT infrastructure, remains dedicated to empowering clients like Aura Media to navigate the complexities of digital security with confidence and clarity. This case study reaffirms our commitment to providing security-focused solutions underpinned by extensive IT knowledge, ensuring our clients’ success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Based on the significant lessons learned from the Chamberlyns project, particularly the initial focus on ISO27001 and the strategic pivot towards implementing ICA (I’m assuming ICA refers to IASME Cyber Assurance, given the context), let’s consolidate the insights gained into a coherent narrative for the case study.

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