Elevating SOP International’s Cybersecurity Posture

Client Overview:

SOP International, a rapidly growing and thriving business, recognized the critical importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding its operations against the increasing threat of security breaches. With a proactive approach, the CEO sought to fortify SOP’s defences to prevent becoming a victim of cyber-attacks that had impacted similar businesses in the industry.


  • The need for robust organizational controls to manage cyber risk efficiently.
  • Ensuring the busy and expanding team could maintain productivity without being burdened by complex security measures.
  • Enhancing the existing security framework to address vulnerabilities effectively.

Solutions by Unity Metrix:

Unity Metrix responded to SOP International’s unique challenges with a multi-faceted cybersecurity enhancement strategy, focusing on both technical controls and human factors. The solutions implemented included:

  • Initial security posture analysis: The entire organisation was audited to discover where their strengths and weaknesses lay, to identify the most beneficial course of action.
  • Monthly Penetration Testing & Bi-Annual Vulnerability Scanning: Employing advanced tools and techniques to identify and rectify vulnerabilities, ensuring the infrastructure’s integrity.
  • Perpetual SIEM & Security Monitoring: Implementing round-the-clock security information and event management (SIEM) for real-time monitoring and rapid incident response.
  • Phishing Testing & Bite-Sized User Training: Conducting regular simulated phishing exercises coupled with concise, impactful training sessions to bolster staff awareness and resilience against social engineering attacks.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Proactively scanning the dark web for potential leaks or threats related to SOP’s digital assets, providing an additional layer of security.


The partnership with Unity Metrix led to a transformative enhancement of SOP International’s cybersecurity posture. Key outcomes included:

  • Strengthened Infrastructure Security: The technical control review and penetration testing reinforced the security of SOP’s digital infrastructure against external and internal threats.
  • Enhanced User Awareness: Targeted training and phishing tests significantly improved staff awareness, contributing to a culture of cybersecurity mindfulness.
  • Proactive Threat Detection & Response: Continuous monitoring and dark web surveillance enabled SOP to pre-emptively identify and mitigate potential security incidents.
  • Peace of Mind for Leadership: The comprehensive security measures instilled confidence within the leadership team, alleviating concerns about potential cyber-attacks.


Unity Metrix’s approach underscores that cybersecurity expertise extends far beyond implementing technical measures; it requires a deep understanding of IT infrastructures and the nuances of organizational behaviour. The successful engagement with SOP International exemplifies Unity Metrix’s role not just as a cybersecurity provider but as an IT expert with years of experience in crafting secure, efficient, and resilient systems. SOP International’s journey from vulnerability to a fortified cybersecurity stance highlights the critical importance of a proactive, well-rounded cybersecurity strategy in today’s digital landscape.

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