Unity Metrix [read a definition of The Metrix] specialise in Information Security auditing, consultancy and systems monitoring. Information security is a critical component of any modern business. The IT department is constantly in a state of vulnerability, unable to control many aspects of Information Security from their technical position, whilst the board, who are ultimately responsible, often incorrectly see Information Security as an IT function.

Having monitors that face in an inappropriate direction is NOT an IT problem. Having users that divulge their passwords to all and sundry is NOT an IT problem.

The IT department are the constant focus for anything that goes wrong. Issues often caused by malicious activity are often unidentified and yet they affect virtually everyone. Network speeds suffer, but they are unaccounted for. Technicians are constantly asked to firefight and paper over cracks, but rarely is there a proper, top-down methodology in place to ensure that every department, including IT, is working together towards the same goals.

The result of this half-hearted approach is that IT is constantly battling to identify solutions, the board is constantly battling to maximise their investment in often very expensive systems and there is a constant state of tension and uncertainty between the two.


Auditing: From how people get in to the building, to how they take data away.

Calculating: Working out the real cost of your security holes compared to the cost of fixing them.

Managing: Helping to draw up and implement policies to reduce the human element of security vulnerabilities.

Training: To make sure relevant policies and procedures are adhered to.

Implementing: Strategic solutions designed to improve security posture and mitigate identified vulnerabilities.


Configuring: Making sure anti-virus, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention and backup systems are not just expensive toys for the IT department.

Monitoring: To make sure that your assets are protected all day every day and every night, 365 days of the year.

Testing: Making sure your systems work by performing Black-box or White-box infiltration testing

Training: To make sure relevant policies and procedures are adhered to.

Adjusting: Information security is not about ‘Set it and forget it’, systems need to be constantly tuned and tested for relevance.

Our expertise extends into:

  • Business continuity & disaster recovery planning
  • Strategic systems analysis & planning
  • Security architecture and design
  • Support for IT departments



Well that question is normally asked by a CFO or MD looking at costs. In fact people often see our service as akin to insurance, but what is the cost of not doing something to secure your business?

  • 71% of UK companies were COMPROMISED AT LEAST ONCE IN 2015 [Bluecoat]
  • Cybercrime is projected to cost $2 trillion by 2019 [Forbes]
  • Cyber-attacks on average take between 30 and 70 days to contain [HP]
  • New laws could mean fines of 4% of annual turnover for compromised data [GDPR]


Ignoring the cyber-security of your business is no longer an option. The Guardian reports: experts are warning that not only are small businesses now firmly in the crosshairs of cyber-criminals, they are fast becoming their favoured target – and are often woefully unprepared.

According to The Huffington Post, 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber-attack will be out of business in 6-months! The costs or reparation following an attack are often very large indeed and sometimes the damage cannot be mended at all. Imagine if your competitors had unfettered access to your network, what would the real cost of that be?

At Unity Metrix we understand the technical aspects of the network, of course, but more importantly we understand how business works. Talk to us about securing your business future.



At Unity Metrix we not only utilise the expertise of our in-house consultants, but with strategic alliances with many and varied security vendors and service providers we can guarantee that we always have the best brains on any specific subject on-hand.

DLP, SIEM, NIPS, NIDS, A/V, UTM, DRP, Backup, ACM, HIPS, the list goes on. Whilst it is impossible to be an expert in everything, Unity Metrix auditors understand fully the defence-in- depth concept and can help to identify the best threat-mitigation strategies for your business.

We can monitor systems and services on your behalf, ensuring that you don’t have to rely on the IT department to notice anomalies when they are tied up with other important projects and tasks, giving you a third-eye on business continuity.