In the ever-evolving field of IT systems and security, knowing exactly what you have in place already is almost as hard as knowing how secure it is or what you should be considering doing to them. How do you therefore even begin to prove that you have the functional and technical wherewithal to handle your client’s data in an environment that you can prove to be stable and secure.

Your future clients are more savvy, more concerned about matters of data security and are going to want you to be able to demonstrate that you understand the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that exist within your organisation, and that you have taken, and regularly review all the necessary measures to ameliorate the possibility of a data breach.

Like a badge of honour, ISO 27001 is an international gold standard in corporate governance that shows immediately that your business takes Information Security seriously, that you understand risk and that you take steps to manage every aspect of the data lifecycle. To those familiar with the standard, often the only question to be asked is whether you are compliant, since this inherently means that you are also compliant with GDPR, DPA, PCI-DSS and any other rule or regulation that might apply to your own business.

Our consultants work with you in the most effective way to help you achieve the standard, whether that means hands-on daily consultancy, auditing, training, the provision of documentation or any other means to assist you with meeting your goals.


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